Lumps Under The Tongue Can Be Caused By This Disease

Lumps under the tongue, often cause annoying complaints due to the resulting blockage. This complaint can be a sign of several diseases. Starting from the harmless, to more serious. Knowing the cause of the lump under the tongue can help you be more vigilant, so you can get proper treatment when needed. The bumps referred to here are not small, normal bumps on the surface of the tongue. These lumps generally feel lumps under the tongue, maybe even accompanied by pain or injury. It can even interfere with the function of the mouth, such as for eating or talking. Some Causes of Lumps Under the Tongue Some diseases that may appear with symptoms of a lump under the tongue, namely: Ranula Ranula is a cyst that arises due to salivary glands that are blocked in the mouth. These cysts grow as bumps under the tongue or at the base of the mouth. The size of these lumps varies. There are small and not enlarged, there is also a small initially and then gradually become large, generally
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